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    Chanel Waist Bags: Everything You Need to Know Guide!

    December 17, 2018

    Chanel has released a new crop of waist bags for Cruise 2019 to add to their much-loved line up.

    The French designer has blessed us with many waist bag styles over the years, and this season Chanel is adding one to the Boy Bag line, with embroidery and a chevron pattern, as well as a new Sunset On the Sea design. This new line features faded calfskin and a canvas strap. The Captain and Casual Trip are also available in a waist bag shape.

    Iconic quilting and sequins are among other Chanel waist bag styles seen in the new collection.

    Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Chanel waist bags.

    Chanel Waist Bags

    Where to Purchase

    You can purchase Chanel Waist bags exclusively at Chanel boutiques. Please call ahead for availability.

    Available Styles

    Style + Price

    Style Price
    Chanel Embroidered Calfskin Boy Waist Bag $5,000 (USD)
    Chanel Casual Trip Waist Bag $3,000 (USD)
    Chanel Captain Gold Waist Bag $3,700 (USD)
    Chanel Sequins Waist Bag $4,800 (USD)
    Chanel Sunset On The Sea Waist Bag $3,600 (USD)